Snow Totals Across New England

Quite a bit of snow fell across New England since Wednesday.  As expected, the snow was measured in feet in Northern New England.  Here’s a look at the maximum snowfall totals for each state across the region. Extreme_Snow_Social

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Sharon, VT appears to be the winner with this storm with 26.0″ of snow.  The rest of Ski Country through New Hampshire and Maine also did very well with 12-20″ of new snow on the ground.

As expected, Southern New England did see much smaller accumulations….but a tad more than expected.  Foster, RI was the jackpot south of the Mass Pike with 3.4 inches of very fluffy snow.  Rain-wise, we got .50 to .75″.


-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

  • Alex Russo

    Hello Weather Team,

    I have a question. Can you explain why this Winter season has been so horrific with regard to the number of storms we’ve had along with the unseasonably low temperatures? It there a reason for why we’ve had such a God-awful season? Thank you.


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