Coldest March in 30 Years…and One of the Wettest

We can probably all agree that March was very cold.  Temperatures through the month were frequently well below average.   In fact, 21 out of the 31 days in the month, we had below average temperatures.   Eleven out of those 21 days were 10° or more below average.

Despite the very cold month, it wasn’t the coldest March on record for Providence.


Live Pinpoint Doppler 12: 7-Day Futurecast | Closings and Delays | Flight Tracker

The average temperature for the month was 34.0°.  That puts March 2014 in the Top 10 coldest Marches on record, but tied at #9 with the year 1941.  What is more impressive is that it was the coldest March since 1984…that’s 30 years! The record for the coldest month of March in the capitol city is 1916 at 29.3°.

As far as precipitation, it was actually a fairly dry month…up until the 29th.  From March 1 – 28, we got 1.39″ of rain…that’s more than 3″ below average.   However, from March 29th to the 31st we had 5.34″ of rain…for a total of 6.73″ or rain for the month.


That late month boost put March 2014 as the 11th wettest March on record in Providence.   Records have been kept since 1905 for the month of March.  Thankfully, we didn’t even come close to the all-time record for the month.  During the historic floods of 2010, we had 16.34″ of rain.

As far as snow goes, we only got 1.2″ of the white stuff.  That’s 4.3″ below average (we average 5.5″ of snow in March).

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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