Dem gov hopeful Clay Pell unveils economic plan

By Ted Nesi

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell on Wednesday rolled out his first major policy proposal of the campaign, offering a laundry list of ideas on what he would do to improve the Rhode Island economy if he’s elected in November.

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• PDF: Read the full text of Clay Pell’s economic proposal

7 thoughts on “Dem gov hopeful Clay Pell unveils economic plan

  1. Listening to Clay, all that came to my mind was a young JFK.

    Rhode Islsnd now had a Statesman in the race.

      • I guess the big question is track record. what has he ever accomplished.

        was in the coast guard. and ??? what did he do in the coast guard??

        he worked in the white house 9 months. what did he do there?
        what project did he take on that resulted in something of substance.
        what are the metrics as to how his performance was judged.
        (I don’t understand why the media never asks these questions.)

        or was he given a position by Obama in “policy” ……..?

        don’t forget, jfk was in the congress first. one of hundreds of votes…

        as governor, you have to lead. you have to perform. you have to manage people and tasks. (note current governor)I haven’t seen that on clays resume yet.

        you may not like everything about bruce sundlun but there was no doubt who was in charge.

  2. I sent the message below to Mr. Pell’s website this morning….

    ” Dear Mr. Pell:

    Does the Internship Program you propose INCLUDE those long term

    unemployed Rhode Islanders’ OVER FORTY-FIVE TO FIFTY (45–50)

    YEARS OF AGE, who will more than likely NEVER WORK AGAIN without it

    ….or something similar?

    Thank you.

    Jon K. Polis

    East Greenwich “

    • I had similar thoughts. It’s hard to see the logic behind supporting raising the minimum wage on the one hand, and coming up with new ways to encourage unpaid labor on the other. There’s more than a little logical disconnect here.

    • Jon, if that is the best question you can offer, I can see education was not a priority for you growing up. I will give you A+ for your tabloid thinking.

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