Taveras has support from PAC founded by actress Eva Longoria

By Dan McGowan

Providence mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras is getting a little love from Hollywood.

Eva Longoria, who is best known for her role on the television show Desperate Housewives, has launched the Latino Victory PAC – part of the Latino Victory Project – that will help Taveras and six other Latino candidates from around the country this election season. The group is also supporting Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

Longoria told the Washington Post:

“We want to build political power within the Latino community and institutionalize what happened in 2012. There needs to be a movement right now,” Longoria said.  “We can really exercise the potential, because people see the demographic shift and are now saying, ‘Hi, Mr. Garcia. Hi, Mrs. Lopez.’ We want to make sure the names on the ballot reflect that power.”

Of course, Taveras could have one problem with the Latino Victory PAC. If the group purchases television, radio or internet ads in Rhode Island, that would violate the “People’s Pledge” that all three of the leading Democratic candidates for governor signed last week. That pledge does not include direct mailing.

Dawn Bergantino, a spokeswoman for Taveras, said the campaign plans to continue following the pledge.

“We expect they will abide by our request to honor the pledge,” she said.

The Taveras has campaign has relentlessly taunted Democratic rival Gina Raimondo, who is receiving the support of the American LeadHERship PAC, a group founded by former Rhode Island congressional candidate Kate Coyne McCoy. The group has already received a $100,000 contribution from Texas billionaires John and Laura Arnold, who support pension reform initiatives around the country.

Clay Pell, the third Democrat running for governor, is largely self-funding his campaign.

Dan McGowan ( dmcgowan@wpri.com ) covers politics, education and the city of Providence for WPRI.com. Follow him on Twitter: @danmcgowan

5 thoughts on “Taveras has support from PAC founded by actress Eva Longoria

  1. Excuse me Projo, when did Raimondo become a “finance expert” with knowledge of municipal finance, as stated in your Politifact article.
    while projo rightly took her to task and labeled her Pants-on-Fire for her false claim about Providence taxes, they underhandedly gave her a compliment at the same time by calling her a finance expert. On what grounds, projo?
    If Gina really were a finance expert, do you think she would have dumped our pension money into funds that are under investigation and losing value?
    By the way, some Providence property owners actually saw their property taxes Decrease under Taveras even with the Revaluation and the new Tax Rate.
    Taveras, a great Mayor, will be an even greater Governor!

  2. A PAC that uses race as a determining factor of support. Not just a basket ball team owner, either a PAC for the specific reason of electing a candidate that will make decisions for all of us.
    Why isn’t this the big headline like Mr. Sterling was?

  3. I guess Eva is to Taveras as Bloomberg and John “let’s get rid of
    public pensions” member of the coward entity called engage ri- Enron hedge fund investor Arnold..
    And Wuggly, you must be either stupid or naive to think that all groups do not support their own..You see Obama supported by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton especially when there is a racist incident that occurs like the Treyvon Florida case…
    You even have fraud Raimondo sending out propaganda campaign BS material through snail mail in bright blue envelopes trying to elicit the support of old Italian ladies with a three page cursive font solicitation asking people to vote for her daughter and at the same time send recipes and stories of their children with a couple of old fashion black and white photos that the Raimondo campaign thinks will get the Italian grandmothers to vote for a woman… try looking up Emily’s List- an organization that supports only women for political office… In Sterling’s case, he was just a plain bigot and hater….As for Raimondo being a financial expert, Bea hit the nail on the head. Raimondo has her actuarial worker bees do the research and do the investing. She’s too busy traveling around the country on the RI taxpayer’s dime getting contributions from the Wall Street crowd and the corporate crowd as well as the lawyers and politicians looking at this pension court case very carefully. Had she been home doing what’s she paid to do, increase the rate of return, then maybe she could have seen what was happening to the biggest hedge fund investment Oaf Ziff and be pro active but she wasn’t. .. Oaf Ziff-one of the hedge fund companies Gina Raimondo that she has invested in is in trouble with SEC; they lost 21% of their value since the investigation; it has been cited by the feds and SEC- bribed people in investments overseas….if this is the biggest investment in hedge
    funds and we have 2 billion in hedgefunds we just lost a bunch of money in the pension fund. But she’s too busy trying to come up with campaign gimmicks getting little old Italian ladies , (solicit her own Italian background group) to vote for her for governor. Ain’t gonna happen, Ms Fraudster….

  4. Ed, You are right on target… I wonder how many “Little Old Italian” ladies fell for the slick mailing? As for being a “Finance Expert”,then I guess Linc Chafee is an “Environmental Expert” since he’s letting Deepwater move forward as a “green energy” initiative even though it will cost the citizens of this state dearly thought higher electric rates…. Never mind the impact on small businesses…

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