Angel Taveras slams Clay Pell in new TV attack ad

By Ted Nesi

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Providence Mayor Angel Taveras late Tuesday launched a frontal assault against his Democratic gubernatorial rival Clay Pell, debuting a new TV ad that criticizes the political newcomer as “inexperienced and out of touch.”

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3 thoughts on “Angel Taveras slams Clay Pell in new TV attack ad

  1. Here are some questions for the candidates:
    1. If you are elected Governor will you ask the Secretary of State to reconcile the number of registered voters to the census data? College students register using their dorm address. What happens after they graduate and move away? Will you ask for an operational audit?
    2. If you are elected, will you provide the public with RI pro forma financials prior to deciding whether or not RI can afford to adopt any more illegal immigrants?
    3. The Wall St Journal 8/5/14 has an article saying that states “that expanded Medicaid and had a well-functioning (ACA) exchange, (are) really seeing a pick up” in expenses. How do you think the aforementioned will impact RI’s $8.7 billion dollar budget?

  2. Wow when PolitFictionRI can’t call a conservative claim ‘Pants on Fire’ there is a serious issue at hand especially when they end by stating the issue doesn’t matter.

    Watch Cash Pell stutter when asked how long he has lived in RI:


    Just like Chafee and many other wealthy RI politicians before him Cash Pell does not represent the middle class here. The Rhode Island middle class is being crushed. $1 billion in personal income left the State between 2000 and 2010 – that is a US Census fact. Those of us left who do not have Government jobs but pay taxes are footing the continuing bills.

    I was unable to run for Governor this year because my Family didn’t leave me $38 million.

    • I want to know why Michelle Kwan is not Michelle Pell??(don’t they promote family values????) And in her commercial she tells the truth by stating,”Clay Pell believes in what “she” believes!” I really think that’s true I think she iZ the brains behind the scenes and CP iZ her puppet!! Clearly!!! Do Not elect CP unless U really want MK!

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