The Saturday Morning Post: Quick hits on politics & more in RI

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5 thoughts on “The Saturday Morning Post: Quick hits on politics & more in RI

  1. I know it’s an oxymoron but Raimondo is the rare liberal that understands math. If she wins the primary, she will beat either republican candidate. She’s also a lot smarter and more politically savvy than any of her opponents. She will be a governor that can run intellectual circles around the general assembly. I don’t think I’ll agree with her spending priorities or policies. Because I think she will be vary effective in advancing her priorities I’m rooting for Clay Pell in the primary. That idiot has no chance of beating the republican candidate in the general election.

    Pell 2014!

    • George

      Although I disagree with much of what you’ve written in the past, I think you are totally right in your comment about the dunces that make up the GA. Raimondo has demonstrated she owns those nitwits. The scary part of your scenario is that in this state, it is not beyond the possibility that Clay Pell could actually win not just the primary but also the general election. Right now the Republican candidate is a likely winner in the general election if either Pell or Raimondo gets the Democratic nomination since the anti Raimondo vote will vote big time for anyone but Gina. The mystery of all this jockeying is what has NEARI and Bob Walsh been promised by Raimondo for their backing of Pell?

      • John, It would be great to see public unions voting republican to stick it to Raimondo. The scenario where Walsh is in bed with Raimondo is so Machiavellian. I love it. Think of Pell as a pawn of the unions spending $3,000,000 of his own money to make sure Raimondo wins. Love it.

  2. George,

    The other race that is interesting is the Caprio/ Magaziner race for General Treasurer. It’s unfathomable that if Magaziner and Pell won their respective races , then RI could have two totally unqualified people in such important positions. The winner in that case would be Mattiello, Murphy, Fox and all the sheep in the GA. The loser big time in that nightmare scenario would be all Rhode Islanders. It’s unimaginable that the voters could elect that duo, but look what the voters got when they elected Chafee. Licht.

  3. Could not believe Gina Raimondo”s latest ad in which she says all but one union supported the pension changes….Not True !
    All but one group voted in favor of a court settlement–if you can believe the parties involved–(never heard about that vote being certified and there were many voting irregularities).
    But a court settlement is different from supporting the whole plan in the first place–unions never did that.
    Frank Caprio will restore the broken pension fund and he has the experience and expertise to do it. He has a proven record!

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