Near Blizzard Conditions in Providence

For official blizzard conditions, you need certain criteria to be met.  Providence (TF Green Airport) is very close to that criteria.   During the past two hours, heavy snow has been reported at the airport with 1/4 mile visibility.  Winds were gusting between 27 and 29kts which is 31 to 34mph.

Official blizzard criteria is as follows…

Wind gusts were falling just short of creating an official blizzard for the capital city. It’s important to note that Providence is NOT in a Blizzard Warning right now, but the conditions are blizzard-like, that’s for sure.  It’s doubtful that conditions will meet the official criteria, but road conditions are not good…it’s best to stay off the roads.  As of noon, a Blizzard Warning was in effect for areas north and west of Providence, including Smithfield.  At North Central Airport in Smithfield, conditions were neither blizzard-like or an official blizzard.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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