A Lot More Rain is Expected This Week

During the next seven days, we could be getting a lot more rain here in Southern New England.  During the slow-moving storm Friday and Saturday, many locations in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts received two inches or more of rain.  If that was all snow, by the way, it would be 20-30″ of the white stuff!

A parade of storms will continue through the week ahead, giving us a constant barrage of rain, but with some sunny breaks in between.  These storms will be juiced up with Gulf of Mexico moisture as they work their way out of Texas and into the Northeast United States.

There are two time periods when these storms could impact us:  late Monday night and Tuesday and late Thursday into early Friday.   The rest of the week looks pretty quiet.

So how much rain are we expecting? Below are two computer model printout of rainfall from Sunday through Friday.  The first is the American GFS model, showing widespread 2″ here in the Northeast.

The second is the European computer model which shows widespread 3″ here in New England.

While the details about how much rain we could be potentially looking at is difficult to discern this far out, what seems likely is that we’ll see another 2-3″ of rain during the next 7 days.  Couple that rain with the 2″+ which fell Fri/Sat, and that’s a lot of rain in one week!

If you’re wondering about the drought situation here in Southern New England, Rhode Island is now just considered “Abnormally Dry” while parts of Bristol County, MA are considered to be in a moderate drought.

Since January 1, Providence has received 12.11″ of rain which is about 1/4″ below average.  The rainfall expected this week will surely put us in a rainfall surplus for the year.  It is certainly not unusual to get a lot of rain in April as it is the second wettest month of the year for Providence (November is the wettest).  The two month period of March and April is the wettest two months of the year here in Rhode Island so frequent rain storms is not unusual this time of year.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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