Icing Possible Into Early Sunday

Lots of rain fell over the past couple of days here in Southern New England, as well as some minor accumulations of sleet and snow north and west of Providence.  All that moisture will remain on area roads and walkways into early Sunday, and with falling temperatures, we could be looking at some icing.

First, a look back at the significant rainfall…

More than two inches fell across our area, but more than three inches fell on Cape Cod! This storm was very similar to the storm which hit us 20 years ago, except there wasn’t enough cold air to bring us all snow.  If the rain was all snow, we’d be looking at 20-30″ of it right now! Gulp.

What fell was mostly rain, and now the concern turns to falling temperatures.

Temperatures will slowly fall into the lower 30s across Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts through the night.  Any moisture on untreated surfaces will freeze, so please drive and walk with extra caution.

Even first thing Sunday morning, we could be looking at icing on area roads and walkways.  Remember, bridges and overpasses freeze first.

About an hour after sunrise (6:25AM) on Sunday, temperatures will start warming and the threat of icing will diminish.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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