Drought Status Will Continue to Improve

In the graphic above, you can see that we are actually around normal for precipitation this year.  We use the term “precipitation” and not rainfall because in the winter and early spring, the precipitation comes from the combination of melted snow/sleet and rainfall.

From the US Drought Monitor, we are actually still in the abnormally dry category.  One reason for this is that the report came out before the Friday and Saturday generous rainfall.  A second reason is that we are still carrying over a rainfall deficit from the past couple of years:

Actual 40.00″
Normal 47.18″
Deficit: 7.18″

Actual 40.83″
Normal 47.18″
Deficit: 6.35

This means going into 2017, we were running about a 13” deficit.  So while it’s great to be near normal, we could actually benefit from going above normal this year to make up for the past couple of years.

It so happens that we will likely go above normal this year as several rainmakers are on the way.  TJ Del Santo explains about this in his blog.

-Pete Mangione

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