Warmer Weather = Higher Pollen Counts

Spring fever is here.  So is hay fever.  Temperatures over the next couple of days will be 70 or higher inland, and that will help to boost the pollen count here in Southern New England.  The windy conditions on Monday will also spread any pollen bursting from the trees.  But, hey, at least it’s warmer.

Southwesterly winds will be transporting warmer air into the Northeast for the next couple of days.

Temperatures across New England will easily hit 70 away from the coast on Monday.  New York, Providence and Boston will all likely top out close to 70, while areas farther south and west hit the mid 70s.

Tuesday will be even warmer!  Boston could hit 80, and Providence could be in the mid 70s.  The record for Providence on Tuesday, by the way, is 79.  If we get less of a southerly wind, we could challenge that record.

Of course, if you live in Westerly, Narragansett or Newport, you won’t get too excited about the above-mentioned temps.  Winds off the water will keep it cooler along the south coast and around the Bay.

For example, South County and Newport County will have temperatures in the 50s Monday afternoon, but with lots of sunshine.

Notice the winds from the southwest and south.  They’ll be busy on Monday, so cooler temperatures will stretch farther inland.

Kent and Providence Counties will be warmer; in fact, Woonsocket could sneak into the mid 70s Monday afternoon as the city will be away from the influence of the chilly Atlantic water.  Notice the expected temperature in Bristol…62.  Winds coming up the Bay will keep communities right on the water a little cooler.

Bristol County, MA will be cooler south of a Fall River – Freetown line…50s to lower 60s are expected there.  However, temperatures will likely hit the low 70s near the Attleboros.

Again, while we get the warm weather, tree buds will begin to burst.  Pollen counts will be rising.  They’ll be especially high Monday with the wind.  They’ll continue to be at high levels on Tuesday, but drop a bit on Wednesday with some rain showers in the area.

Then, the pollen count pendulum swings right back up to a high level on Thursday.  So, it’s time to get on your allergy medications now and try to prevent or minimize any allergy symptoms.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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