Big Temperature Variation Today


Good evening from chief meteorologist Tony Petrarca….

Another gorgeous day in southern New England. We reached 66 degrees yesterday and all the way to upper 70s across interior sections this afternoon, but it was much cooler near the ocean.  This time of year when forecasting mild or warm weather, we are often reminded that, for now, we are still dealing with ocean temperatures that are chilly.

Take note of  the observed high temperature map Today and you can clearly see the sliver of cooler air along the shore.

Its all about wind direction and whether or not we have a component of wind off the still chilly Atlantic waters (sea breeze).  Water temps now are running around 45 degrees. (see map below)

Temps Tuesday will be even warmer BUT… you will have to be away from the coast and Narragansett Bay to get the full warmth, That’s not to say ocean communities will not have a nice Tuesday, it will be pleasant there too…but interior sections will be much warmer.

Here are Tuesday expected high temperatures….its should be one of the nicest early Spring days yet. The one downside…Pollen season is really starting to ramp up. The primary pollen right now are Juniper and Poplar and expected to be high this week.



We are expecting cooler (not cold) weather to return mid week and into Easter Weekend. Actually temperatures will be dropping closer to seasonal averages (upper 50s, to near 60).

Tracking a weather system Wednesday which will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms. There are some parameters in the atmosphere which may produce scattered strong thunder Wednesday. Temps Wednesday will be very mild, just not as warm as last few days.

Thursday thru Saturday look mainly dry along with seasonably cool temperatures (mid to upper 50s).

Easter Sunday has the chance for showers right now but the timing on this still needs to be worked out so stay tuned for more specifics

Tony Petrarca


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