Looking Back at Easter Weather and Ahead to This Year’s Easter

Happy Easter! Sunday will be quite warm with highs in the 80s for some! First, let’s take a look back at prior Easters in our area.  Some were pretty memorable — if not for warmth, then for snow.

Tracking Easter weather can be misleading because Easter Sunday can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25, according to the Gregorian calendar.  Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox.  That criteria creates a large time period for an Easter to fall.

Due to the large range of dates for Easter, there’s really no significance to tracking the weather for the day.  For instance, there’s more significance in tracking the weather on Christmas because it’s a fixed day on the calendar.  Still, below is a look back at some notable Easter Sundays since 1905.

Here are the coldest average temperatures for Easter. It’s worth mentioning that most of these coldest dates occurred during March-falling Easters.

The coldest temperature recorded on an Easter Sunday was on April 1, 1923 when the low temperature was 11°….no joke.

With the cold can come snow.  Surprisingly (maybe only to me), we’ve only had one big snow storm in the 112 years of record keeping in Providence.  That storm was in 1970 when nearly 8inches of snow fell.  Also, it’s worth noting that the second most significant snowfall on an Easter Sunday in Providence occurred during the snowiest winter season on record.  During the winter of 1995-1996, more than 106″ of snow fell in Providence.  Some of that fell on April 7, 1996, which was Easter Sunday that year.

To the opposite extreme now…warmth.  We’ve had our share of warmth on Easter, too.  The high temperature record for an Easter Sunday was set back in 1957 when the mercury hit 87°!!!  Here are some of the warmest Easters on record.

It’ll be quite warm this Easter Sunday, especially in the afternoon.  Sunrise temperatures, with clearing skies, will be in the 50s.

In the afternoon, we could have one of the top 5 warmest Easters.  Highs in the 80s are expected inland, possibly hitting 80 in Providence Sunday afternoon.

Yes, it’ll be cooler near the coast (in the 60s), but it will be very nice everywhere.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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