Not a Great Mother’s Day, but a Gift on the Way

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope Mom had a chance to enjoy some breakfast in bed on this dreary morning.

Showers will continue today, especially this morning.  While a few showers could be heavy, the bulk of the heavy downpours (that woke me up last night, hopefully not you) are over.  While some isolated street flooding is possible, we are not anticipating any widespread flooding.  Showers will become more off/on by the afternoon, but it’s going to be hard to completely shake away the clouds and light rain.

Overall, most areas will range from about 1 to 2 inches of rain total…..1 inch of this was already in the bucket by early Sunday morning.

The gusty winds will continue today, out of the north around 30 mph.  Gust of 35 mph are possible along the south coast, and gusts of 40mph are possible on Block Island.  That’s why a wind advisory is in affect for Block Island , the Cape and Islands, until 8PM tonight.

The bottom line? It won’t be a great day for the outdoors when you factor in the wind, clouds , showers, and temperatures that stay in the upper 40s to low 50s for much of the day.   We won’t get any snow, but snow has fallen in northern New England at some of the higher elevations! That gives you an idea of how cool the air is for the time of year with this storm.

Monday will also be breezy with the chance of showers, but then a huge change moves in Tuesday with temperatures in the 70s.  We will likely hit temperatures in the 80s by Thursday! –Pete Mangione

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