Few More Batches of Rain/Storms to Get Through

It has been another busy day in the Pinpoint Weather Center, but not quite as crazy as Wednesday.   A tweet from NWS Skywarn shows over 2 inches of rain fell in just over an hour in Hope Valley!

Monitoring for reports of flash flooding in Washington County RI. Hope Valley, RI: 2.20″ of rain about 75 minutes.

There were actually several reports of flooding from Washington County.

A Flash Flood Watch Continues until 8PM for the potential of more localized street flooding.

Courtesy of the Mesowest website here are more rainfall totals as of this evening:

West Warwick: 0.93″

Wickford: 1.07″

URI: 1.01″

TF Green: 0.51″


Check out how rapidly temperatures fell today! These are observations from TF Green Airport: it went from 78 at around noon to 61 by around 5PM.

13 16:51 NE 16 10.00 Light Rain OVC009 61 61 100% NA NA 30.05 1017.6 0.04 0.27
13 15:51 NE 15 1.00 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain Fog/Mist BKN009 OVC015CB 62 62 100% NA NA 30.05 1017.6 0.23
13 14:51 NE 14 G 21 10.00 Thunderstorm Light Rain BKN008 OVC015CB 64 62 93% NA NA 30.04 1017.2
13 13:51 NE 14 10.00 Overcast OVC008 68 65 81 68 90% NA NA 30.01 1016.2
13 12:51 N 13 5.00 Fog/Mist OVC009 74 70 88% NA NA 29.99 1015.6
13 11:51 NE 9 10.00 Overcast BKN015 OVC029 78 73 85% NA 80 29.98 1015.1

This was due to being on the backside of a cold front which sucked in cooler northeasterly winds.  So you might think that since the hot, sticky air is gone, the threat of thunderstorms and showers might also be gone.  While the threat of severe storms is lower, we can’t rule out some additional showers and thunderstorms. That’s because we are close enough to the front where some lift in the atmosphere could still by nearby; this lift may be enough to keep the action going for a while.  Below is the HRRR model (courtesy WeatherBell) showing that there still could be some showers around at 9PM.

The showers should move out overnight before another round arrives on Friday. -Pete Mangione

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