Temperatures Go Up, Humidity Goes Down, and 2 Weird Records Could Fall

We have quite the trade off for tomorrow! Temperatures will go up, and humidity will start to go down.  Tuesday morning may start with some clouds and fog, but that should move out quickly.  Temperatures should be around 80 by lunchtime with mostly sunny skies.

You won’t notice the humidity completely gone tomorrow, but dew points should be in the low 60s by the early afternoon.  That’s a big improvement over the low 70 dew points that we had Monday! Dew points will drop even more Tuesday night into the 50s, and likely stay in the 50s on Wednesday.  Wednesday will certainly feel more fall-like….not only because of the low humidity but because temperatures will be in the 60s with increasing clouds.

The Warm Low

A warm low is the warmest low temperature on record for a particular date.


The record for Monday is 61°, and with temperatures still around 70 at 11PM on Monday it’s pretty much a sure thing that we will break the record. (To NOT break the record, the temperature would have to fall below 61° before midnight)


To set the record on Tuesday, the temperatures needs to stay above 64° for the entire day and night until midnight.  I think temperatures will probably stay above 64° Tuesday morning, but with the lower humidity Tuesday night, the 64° mark could be in jeopardy.

We’ll see what happens. -Pete Mangione

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