Frost Advisory Interior MA Tonight

For those of you requesting “fall weather”, here you go.

What a difference from just 48hrs ago, when afternoon highs were in low 80s.  We’re about 20F cooler this afternoon, with dry, Autumn air draining in from the north on a breezy wind.

Once the sun sets around 6pm, temperatures will rapidly fall from the 50s into the 40s.  And late night lows are expected to be in the low to mid 40s for most. 

While a widespread frost or freeze isn’t expected, some of typically cooler valleys may see a few hours where temperatures fall into the 30s, allowing for frost to form. A Frost Advisory means that widespread frost is expected and any sensitive outdoor plants may be killed if left uncovered.

This is not unusual for mid-October. The average first frost in Taunton is October 13, so tonight’s frost advisory is right on target for northern Bristol County in MA.

At TF Green, our average first frost is around 2 weeks away, on October 25.


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