Winds Diminish This Evening, and Some Interesting Storm Stats

Update: As if the gusts between 60 and 80 mph weren’t enough, the National Weather Service recently verified a wind gust of 93 mph in Mashpee at 3:39AM.  

Winds will gradually diminish this afternoon and this evening.  One of the high resolution models we look at demonstrates this well.  Here is the wind forecast for 2PM.  The blue represents sustained winds of about 10-12 knots about 30 feet above our heads; that doesn’t sound like much but sustained winds like that can translate to gusts around 30-40 mph.  There could still be some isolated pockets of wind damage.

Below is the forecast for 8PM; notice how the blue colors are gone; winds will be much lighter by this point.

So generally, here is what you can expect:


As of around 11AM, there were about 147,00 customers without power.

Interesting Numbers

These storms are always tricky in trying to predict exactly where the most tree damage and power outages will occur.   We often expect the strongest winds to be at the coast.  That’s because there is less friction and its often the area closest to the low level jet (a fast moving current of air several thousand feet up).   But there were lots of variables with this storm including several lines of showers/downpours which helped drag down some the stronger gusts.  In addition, elevated areas can often tap into stronger winds, and tree damage often depends on strength of the trees and branches.  So overall, it makes sense that there is no particular pattern to the next graphic:

Notice that a very high percentage of power was knocked out in inland communities with some elevation (like Foster), coastal areas (Westport), and spots along the East Bay (Bristol).  Hopefully we can get 100% of the power back ON soon. -Pete Mangione



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