Cooler Dry Saturday, Few Showers for Sunday

Saturday will be much cooler than Friday highs only in the 50s.  We will start with some sun, but some high clouds will move in during the day.  Don’t forget to set the clocks back tonight! Yes, that means an extra hour will be added to your weekend, but it also means a sunset time around 4:30 Sunday afternoon….sorry!

A warm front moves in Sunday, but much of the lift in the atmosphere (rising air helps produce showers) stays to our north and west.

Therefore, Sunday does not look like a washout, rather, we will get periods of showers but a decent amount of rain free time as well.  There will likely be more clouds than sun; one of the reasons for this is that warm air (with some moisture) will be streaming in from the south; when warm air starts to move into an area where there is cool air, clouds (and sometimes showers) are often the result.  Sunday afternoon may end up a a little milder than Saturday even though it might be a dimmer day with more cloud cover.  Highs on Sunday should reach around 60.  Have a great weekend! -Pete Mangione

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