Big Changes: Rain, Wind, Much Milder Late Tuesday Into Wednesday

Some might call the weather a little boring this weekend.  So if you are looking for more exciting weather, we have some on the way later this week!

Tuesday will start cool in the 30s and 40s, but we should be able to make the mid 50s by the middle or late afternoon! I don’t see Tuesday as a rainy day, a few showers are possible but most should hold off until the evening and overnight.

Periods of heavy rain are likely Tuesday night into Wednesday morning; most of the rain should be over by the middle of Wednesday afternoon. There is a chance of some localized street flooding, but widespread flooding is not expected at this time.

During the rain and wind Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, temperatures should stay in the 50s for most of the area.  Wednesday will likely be one of those days when high temperatures occur in the morning…temperatures will then drop into the 40s and then 30s by late afternoon and evening.

Watching the Wind

A few thousand feet above our heads, a fast moving current of air called a low level jet will likely set up Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. One of the computer models shows this with the red area over southern New England.

That red area represents winds that could be over 60 knots (or over 70 mph).   But keep in mind, that is several thousand feet high, not at the surface.  However, downpours or thunderstorms can sometimes drag these stronger winds down to the surface.  This is not to say we will get 70 mph winds, but some gusts over 40 or even 50 mph are possible.

We will watch this carefully and let you know if any wind advisories or warnings are posted. -Pete Mangione

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