Cold Breezes Into Tuesday, Even Colder This Week

A recap of snowfall amounts shows most of us received a range between a coating to 2.5 inches of snow.  A lot of this fell in a short periods of time Monday morning leading to some dangerous conditions on the roads, but it also led to many happy people out and about Christmas morning to enjoy the white Christmas! (TF Green only received 0.2 inches so it might not officially count because you need an inch for white Christmas)

While most of the main roads seems to be in good shape (the winds helped dry out some of the roads), there could be ares of black ice on sidewalks, parking lots, and the typical spots overnight into Tuesday.

Winds were also quite strong today; some areas along the south coast had gusts over 50 mph like in Tiverton with a gust of 53 mph.  There were reports of scattered damage, but fortunately the winds won’t be quite as strong tonight into tomorrow.  However, it will still be breezy with gusts 20-30 mph Monday night into Tuesday, and that will lead to wind chills in the teens and even single digits at times:

If you think that is cold, actual temperatures could be going into the single digits Wednesday morning, with highs only in the teens Wednesday afternoon. Towards the end of the week into New Years weekend, there is a potential of snow, and even a chance of a significant storm.  But it is WAY to early to assume a big storm for sure, it’s simply something we need to watch carefully for the next several days. -Pete Mangione

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