UPDATE: Tracking Snowfall Potential Saturday

As TJ mentioned in his previous blog, there may be some snow accumulations on Saturday.  A quick moving disturbance from the west will likely move in and eventually from a low pressure center just offshore.  We will likely be on the northern fringe of this low pressure which will give us a good chance at some light snow developing by Saturday afternoon:

Assuming this track is correct, the snow would then continue at light to moderate rates until late Saturday night.

The means that roads could become slick and even snow covered on Saturday, so use caution driving.  At this point, we are not expecting anything that would make travel extremely difficult, but some extra time may be needed. Just to show you some of the science behind the forecast, here is what the European model predicts for snowfall:

Now here is our forecast from Saturday into late Saturday night:

So why our the numbers in our forecast a little higher than the European model?  First, the European model is not the only model we use so we usually don’t take it literally.  In this case, I think it has a reasonable solution given the atmospheric conditions.  However, because clouds temperatures will be fairly cold, we anticipate a high “fluff factor”.  A “typical” snowstorm around here spits out 1.0″ of snow per 0.1″ of liquid….but this snow event could spit out 2″ of snow for every 0.1″ of liquid (A 20:1 ratio instead of a 10:1 ratio).  This means that less moisture can produce more snow, but it also makes the snow easier to clear and shovel.  Please check back with us, depending on the track of the storm, snowfall amounts could change.

Snow or no snow, winds behind the departing center of low pressure on Sunday will likely make for a bitterly cold Pats Jets game with wind chills below zero.



Above is some information to prepare for more frigid weather into the weekend.

Stay tuned. -Pete Mangione

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