Sunday Rain, Heavy At Times

Rain will be coming down for a good part of Sunday, although the intensity of the rainfall will fluctuate quite a bit.  Overall, it’s not a great outdoors day (although temperatures will be in the upper 40s and maybe even the low 50s at times).  Light to moderate rain will be the general rule for a good part of the day.  However, embedded downpours are also possible and could spring up fairly quickly.

During this time, we will be paying close attention the the street flooding potential and it’s possible a warning gets triggered during this time.  Remember, a warning means that flooding is already occurring or is about to happen.  There is even a slight chance that a thunderstorm could pop up during this time.

There will likely be some lulls in the heavy rain late this afternoon into the early evening, but it’s going to be difficult to completely turn off the moisture. Gusty winds are possible late afternoon through tonight, especially across the southeast coast of RI to Cape Cod.

There may be a few final downpours moving through later on tonight.  Overall, 1-2″ of rain is likely with some higher isolated amounts (3″) possible.

The showers should be gone be pre-dawn Monday leading to a partly sunny drive to work.

In addition to the potential of street flooding, we will also have to monitor streams and our rivers which typically experience flooding during heavy rain events.  Nothing major is expected but some minor flooding is possible:

Have a good Sunday and we will keep you updated! -Pete Mangione

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