Coastal Flooding Around Narragansett Bay

We received some reports of coastal flooding in Newport and Narragansett Saturday evening, and there was likely some minor flooding in other low-lying areas around the bay.  According to the National Weather Service, a surge between 1.5 to 2.0 feet caused some minor flooding and splashover.  Check out the waves crashing over the sea wall in the picture above.  Narragansett Police blocked off Ocean Road as a result.

From the National Weather Service:

...Ongoing Minor Coastal Flooding...

High tide across the south coast is occurring as of 10:00 PM.
Appears that a surge between 1.5 to 2 feet has resulted in some
minor coastal flooding and splashover. Have received a few 
reports in Newport from the media. Please use caution over the 
next hour if near the south coastline. The tide is beginning to 
receded so the threat should diminish within the next hour. 

In Newport, there was some coastal flooding reported near the Goat Island Bride and near the Wellington Resort in the Spencer Park Neighborhood.

Below is the water height for Newport…red is the actual height, while blue is the predicted height.  You can see that surge along with an east-southeast swells helped to push water into the city (and all of the bay).

I received another report that Poppasquash Road in Bristol was under water. Precautions were taken around the bay for the coastal flooding, including at the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier.


As of 10:30PM, the tide was going out, so waters should recede.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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