Minor Coastal Flooding Possible Sunday Evening

UPDATE:  At 8:10PM, we were already seeing some splashover and minor coastal flooding on Beach Street in Narragansett:

Coastal Flood Statement from the National Weather Service:

COASTAL FLOOD IMPACTS...Minor coastal flooding and splash over are expected during the overnight high tide cycle. The typical  low lying areas will most likely see inundation as well as locations that have received breaches in dunes and seawalls. While this high tide will not have as large of an impact as the last couple days…some locations are more vulnerable  given the impacts from this long duration event.



Water levels remain high throughout Narragansett Bay, and we may see more minor coastal flooding this evening.  Like Saturday evening and this morning, low-lying areas around Narragansett Bay may see some flooding, and some splashover is possible on area seawalls.

The time frame on this is around the time of high tide, which is 9:30PM, so between 8:30PM and 10:30PM is when we could see the coastal flooding.


Water levels are as much as 1.8feet above predicted levels. The tides are still as astronomically high as the past two days, which is why we’re expecting some localized flooding issues along the coast.  The above graph shows observed water levels in red and the predicted water levels in blue.

Ocean waves remain high from Friday’s nor’easter, which is many hundreds of miles to our southeast currently.  The ESE swell being created by the storm is still working toward the shores of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Saturday evening, the gates of the Fox Point Hurricane were closed around the high tide.  As of 7:30 Sunday evening, the gates were open, but they may close this evening as the tide comes in.


Just keep in mind that some coastal roads could be blocked and some minor flooding of low-lying areas at the coast are possible this evening.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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