Another Coastal Storm On the Way, Significant Snow Possible

It’s obviously not great news that another coastal storm in on the way for Wednesday.  This storm will have more cold air to work with so I think we at least get some snow with this storm, but the question is how much.  For those worried about a repeat of the nor’easter from last Friday, we have a few things going for us:

-We won’t have astronomically high tides like we had for the storm on Friday, so coastal impacts should be much lower.

-Although this storm will have strong winds, they likely won’t be as powerful and as long lasting as the storm on Friday.

Current data favors snow for much of our inland area, but some mixing to rain is possible along the south shore, especially from southeastern Rhode Island (around Newport) to through southern coastal Massachusetts.  But how far this rain/snow line can make it to the north will determine how much snow we end up getting.  For now, it appears the best chance of significant accumulations (potentially over 6 inches) would be north and west of I-95…..the city of Providence may end up in this zone as well.

Stay tuned as a change in the track of the storm will determine where this rain/snow line sets up.  It’s very common that as we look as model forecasts a few days before the storm, the predicted rain/snow line wobbles back and forth.  Therefore, I would not look at the snowfall forecast as set in stone just yet.


It’s possible that we start to see some of the first snowflakes during the Wednesday morning commute, but the worst of the storm (snow/rain/wind) may not arrive until Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.  So the Wednesday evening commute has a good chance of significant impacts.  The Thursday morning commute also has a chance of high impacts, but it will depend on how quickly the storm pulls out. Stay tuned and we will continue to give you updates! -Pete Mangione

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