Storm Moving Out, Leaves Behind HUGE Snowfall Differences

A few lingering bands of snow, mostly in eastern Massachusetts, will move out late this morning into the early afternoon.  For our viewing area, most of the accumulation is over with.  We say this a lot after snowstorms, but the following holds true ESPECIALLY for this storm: What a difference a few miles made!

Even within the same city or town, amounts widely varied.  Earlier this morning on the East Side of Providence, I measure 3 inches of wet, heavy snow (or maybe concrete).  Another report from a different part of Providence came in with 6 inches!   As we expected, the south coast didn’t get much snow at all, but amounts of around 1 foot were reported in the northern part of the state. Because the snow was so wet and heavy, we still need to keep an eye on all of those branches being weighed down, especially in areas that were on the higher end of the snowfall.


There may be a few rain/snow showers this afternoon, and then again on Friday.  The upper level low associated with this recent storm will sort of meander and interact with a another upper level low moving in from the Great Lakes.  This will create an unsettled pattern over the next 48 hours with little “spokes” of energy periodically drifting through.  We are not expecting much in the way of accumulation…anything that falls should be fairly brief.


Another Storm Next Week?

Here we go again? We are keeping our eye on another possible coastal storm early next week (Monday into Tuesday).  Snow, rain, wind could all be in the table.  Currently, much of our computer data keep the storm just offshore and as a “miss”. However, the trend this year has been for these “misses” to get closer and closer and eventually turn into hits.

We will keep you updated throughout the weekend. -Pete Mangione

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