Rescue a Pet: Lilly and Lilah

The 1-year-old sisters are well-behaved, love to hang around the house and play, and would make really great lap cats.

Rescue a Pet: Shortcake

The 12-year-old female cat is calm, sweet, and eager to find a loving home where she can relax and enjoy her senior years.

Rescue a Pet: Mickey

The 2-year-old is brimming with confidence, has a lot of personality, and as the shelter puts it, “likes to lead the parade.”

Rescue a Pet: Wendy

The 1-year-old is sweet as pie, energetic, and would be a great fit in most homes. Summer Resource Guide

Whether you’re planning a road trip or just a day at the beach, has everything you need to know for a safe and exciting summer.

Rescue a Pet: Milo

The 6-year-old male cat is super outgoing and friendly.