Rescue A Pet: Luna

The 4-month-old female is very spunky, healthy and would do well in just about any home.

Rescue a Pet: Maude

Maude came to the shelter as a stray and is about 10 years old, very sweet and does well with other dogs.

Rescue a Pet: Kev

Kev is 11 years old, loves being brushed and would do great in a home by himself or with other laid-back pets.

Rescue a Pet: Oliver

The 5-year-old male enjoys just hanging out with people and would do great in a home with another cat.

Rescue a Pet: Cookie Dough

The 6-month-old bunny is very sweet and personable and could do well in a home with calm cats or dogs, but not other bunnies.

Rescue a Pet: Suge

Suge is a 1-year-old female and even though she’s missing a leg, she’s very playful and energetic.

Rescue a Pet: King

King is about 5 years old, very sweet and does well around other cats.

Rescue a Pet: Pebbles and Bam Bam

They are four months old and came from the Coventry Animal Shelter where they lived for awhile after being found as strays.

Rescue a pet: Rolo and Riau

The two have had six children together, all of which are located with their parents at the Providence Animal Rescue League.

Rescue A Pet: Bonnie

Bonnie is a laid back 6-month-old Flemish Giant rabbit who loves playing with people.

Rescue a Pet: Boomer

Boomer is extremely playful and gets along with children, dogs and other cats.

Rescue a Pet: Kirby and Quigley

The Providence Animal Rescue League brought two 11-year-old Beagles who have lived together for their entire lives but are not related.

Rescue a Pet: Weezy

Weezy is an 8-year-old mix breed dog who loves to go for walks and does well in the car.

Rescue a Pet: Autumn

The shelter says Autumn would do well with other cats and is very personable.

Rescue a pet: Franklin

Franklin is a Mini Doberman Pincher who likes to go on walks and would be great for a family that has older children.

Rescue a Pet: Joan

The shelter says Joan would do well in a home with children and other pets, as long as it’s a calm household.

Rescue a Pet: Phoebe

PARL said Phoebe came to the shelter a few weeks ago. And even though she’s 13 years old, she still loves to go for long walks.

Rescue a Pet: The Bachelor

The 3-year-old male is very sweet and enjoys going outside, so a home with a fenced-in yard would be perfect for him.

Rescue a Pet: Gucci

Gucci is a year old and a big dog. But despite his size, he’s very sweet, well-behaved, and loves to cuddle.

Rescue a Pet: Truffle

Truffle is 9 weeks old and she and her siblings are looking for loving families to take them home.

Resce a Pet: Raphael

Raphael – named after the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle – was brought into the Providence Animal Rescue League with his brothers. However, he…