Rescue a Pet: Bear

Bear is 9 years old and looking for a home for the holidays.

Rescue a Pet: Julius

Julius is 2 years old and was brought into the shelter after living on the streets as a stray.

Rescue a Pet: Lumos and Apollo

The brothers love each other and should go to the same home, meaning their adoption fees are a two-for-one deal.

Rescue a Pet: Pearl

Pearl is 10 years old, she loves playing with other dogs and has lived with cats in the past.

Rescue a Pet: Tux

The 12-year-old came to the shelter as a stray, but PARL says she’s friendly, personable, and all her vaccinations are up to date.

Rescue a Pet: Boo

Boo is an older cat, about 15 years old, and is very healthy for her age, according to PARL.

Rescue a Pet: Armani

Armani and his brother, Hugo Boss, are both 8 years old and looking for a loving home.

Rescue a Pet: Kittens!

Providence Animal Rescue League brought along Katie, Slim Jim, and Sweet Pete, who are all looking for a loving home.

Rescue a Pet: Old Man River

Old Man River is very sweet and mellow but has a tumor on his spleen, meaning his adoption fee will be waived.

Rescue a Pet: Elaine

Elaine is an easygoing cat, has lots of energy, and would do well in a home with other animals.

Rescue a Pet: Pippi

The female rabbit is spayed and would do well in a home with another bunny.

Rescue a Pet: Data the kitten

The 8-week-old kitten is up for adoption at PARL. Her sister just got adopted, so Data is by herself right now.

Rescue a Pet: Gabby

The 4-year-old Mastiff Lab mix is very affectionate and happy.

Rescue a Pet: Nico

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — On Wednesday, the Providence Animal Rescue League brought us Nico. The 1-year-old Lionhead Rabbit is very active a…

Rescue a Pet: Penny

The shelter says she would like to be taken home to a family, and even a house with another bunny.

Rescue a Pet: Cassius

The 7-year-old is a big, friendly fellow who’s smart and full of energy.

Rescue a Pet: Fabio

Fabio is about 3 years old, very friendly, and through this Saturday can be adopted for just $25.

Rescue a Pet: Chanel

The new mom is very active, affectionate, and would do well in a home with dogs and other cats.

Rescue a Pet: Eliza

The 3-year-old is very affectionate, playful, and would make a great companion.

Rescue a Pet: Lilly and Lilah

The 1-year-old sisters are well-behaved, love to hang around the house and play, and would make really great lap cats.

Rescue a Pet: Shortcake

The 12-year-old female cat is calm, sweet, and eager to find a loving home where she can relax and enjoy her senior years.

Rescue a Pet: Mickey

The 2-year-old is brimming with confidence, has a lot of personality, and as the shelter puts it, “likes to lead the parade.”