Rescue a Pet: Kia

The spunky 8-year-old is very active and is well-behaved around other dogs and kids.

Rescue a Pet: Demi

The 2-year-old rabbit is very nice but protective of her surroundings and would do best in a home with older children.

What to do if you find a lost pet

Shelter manager, Amy Diskiewicz joined the Rhode Show to tell us all about the right steps to take when you find a lost pet.

Rescue a Pet: Snickers

The 11-year-old beagle is energetic, playful, and would make a great companion in just about any home.

Rescue a Pet: Midnight and Pepe

The 1-year-old guinea pigs are brothers and have always lived together so they will need to go to the same home.

Rescue a Pet: Violet

The 3-month-old female kitten will be up for adoption starting on Thursday, along with her brother, Gus.

Rescue a Pet: Sheba

The 9-year-old cat is very sweet and looking for a loving home.

Rescue a Pet: Ming

The 12-year-old Pekinese is house-trained, loves attention and is looking for a loving home.

Rescue a Pet: Pepper and Sweetie

The brother and sister bunnies have been together all their lives and would like to be adopted by the same loving home.

Rescue a Pet: Brody

Brody is a 12-year-old cocker spaniel who’s looking for a loving home to live out his golden years.

Rescue a Pet: Christmas

Christmas is a 12-year-old male cat who is very mellow and gets along well with other cats and children.

Rescue a Pet: Oscar

The 9-year-old would do well in a household with children, but not other cats.

Rescue a Pet: Benny

Benny is 6 years old and FIV positive, which is contagious to other cats but not to humans.

Rescue a Pet: Katy

The 4-year-old lady is fluffy, adorable, and loves munching on tasty veggies and the occasional sweet treat.

Rescue a Pet: Bongo

Bongo is 3 years old, fully grown and loves to play, go on walks or simply cuddle up.

Rescue a Pet: Lady

Lady is approximately 6 months old, very sweet and would do well in any type of household.

Rescue a Pet: Hunter

Hunter is 3 years old and is looking for a loving home where he’ll receive a lot of attention.

Rescue a Pet: Nugent

Nugent is friendly, loves playing with toys, and would do well in a family with kids or other animals.

Rescue a Pet: Samson

The 3-year-old would do well in a home that will give him plenty of exercise and some time outside, and he’s used to being around other cats…

Rescue a Pet: Princess

Princess is a 10-year-old sweetheart who loves people, toys and snuggles.