Target 12: Grant Giveaways

TODAY at 6 a.m.

Target 12 Investigator Tim White reveals which powerful lawmakers are handing out the most legislative grant money.

Special Report: Standing Up for Safety

WEDNESDAY at 6 a.m.

With a nationwide walkout planned for Wednesday, Mike Montecalvo sits down with some local students to hear why they’re taking part.

Target 12: A Call for Help

A possible fire hazard prompts a local man to call 911 and days later, his building is engulfed in flames. So how and why could this happen?

Target 12: Investigating a Free Ride

Walt Buteau seeks to find out why a college executive was chauffeured by police who are supposed to be protecting and serving students.

Target 12: Patient Protection

A local lawmaker says a law to protect breast cancer patients isn’t doing enough. How he wants to ensure patients get the coverage they need…

Special Report: Carter’s Story

Eyewitness News anchor Shannon Hegy has a vital message for parents as she shares a traumatic experience involving her infant son.

The Blizzard of ’78: A Look Back

Meet one of the plow drivers caught in the middle of the historic storm and see how it’s changed the way we respond to winter weather.

Inside the Mafia: The Informant

Under the cloak of secrecy, a local man who went undercover in the RI mob shares his story only with Target 12 Investigator Tim White.

Special Report: Teens and Vaping

Vaping is a problem in many schools, so we go straight to students to hear about it firsthand and reveal how a new law aims to crack down.

Special Report: Life-Saving Lessons

Eyewitness News consumer reporter Susan Campbell reveals how one employee perk helped save a boy in a life or death situation.