Target 12: An American Hostage

Tim White sits down with the mother of a New Englander whose death overseas introduced much of the world to ISIS.

Newsmakers 12/22/2017: Bishop Thomas Tobin

Rhode Island’s Catholic bishop discusses the St. Joseph’s pension crisis, Cardinal Law’s death, the future of the diocese, Christmas and mor…

Target 12: Prison Break

Decades ago, prison officials promised a better system to warn the community if an inmate is on the loose – but did they deliver?

Vaping: What Parents Should Know

Eyewitness News takes a closer look at the trend, sharing a local doctor’s message about the impact it could have on your child’s health.

Special Report: Hidden in Plain Sight

Would you know if your child was using drugs or alcohol? We reveal how an eye-opening local exhibit is helping parents be more aware.

Target 12: Long-Term Leave


A State House staffer said it was a state policy that allowed him to get thousands in free tuition. So how many other state workers are usin…

Police Body Cameras: An Inside Look

Target 12 Investigator Walt Buteau gives you a look at the training officers go through, plus the impact the cameras could have on arrests.

The PC Dorm Fire: 40 Years Later

Eyewitness News looks back, exploring why dorms are safer today and for the first time – sits down with firefighters called to the scene.

Target 12: Nail Salon Safety

Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell shows you the potential risks and shares simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

Target 12: Craig Price in Prison

An inmate says he was attacked by the notorious serial killer while behind bars. Now, he’s talking only to the Target 12 Investigators.

Target 12: Delivery Dilemma

Target 12 Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell shows you the steps to better protect your packages and your property.

Target 12: Rhode Island’s Renegade

In his first ever TV interview, a man who police call one of the most notorious bikers in the state talks about his underworld legacy.

Only on Eyewitness News: The 195 Plan

Kim Kalunian talks to the head of the 195 Commission to find out what you can expect to see on the vacant land and why it’s taking so long.