Target 12: Street Racing

TONIGHT at 5 p.m.

A local man’s death prompts a law to protect others. So is the crackdown working? Tim White investigates.

Target 12: Mistaken Identity


Target 12 Investigator Susan Campbell gets answers for a local man arrested for a crime he did not commit – on more than one occasion.

Target 12: Counterfeit Crackdown

MONDAY at 5 p.m.

Target 12 Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell gets exclusive access – showing you how much police are taking off local streets and the warn…

School Vacations: A Change in Plans

Many districts have already changed their break schedule. So, how are these decisions being made? Shannon Hegy takes a look.

Target 12: Debris Danger


Only Target 12 Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell reveals who’s to blame and what you need to know if you become a victim.

Target 12: Nobody Home

Taxpayers are footing the bill for the upkeep on a beautiful home. But we’ve learned the place is empty. Tim White investigates.

Exclusive: Road to Survival


Eyewitness News anchor Patrick Little is uncovering new information on how domestic violence is impacting victims’ lives.

Target 12: Inside the Gun Control Unit

TONIGHT AT 10 & 11

Only Tim White gives you a look inside the new Providence Gun Control Unit. Their job – to find out where seized guns came from.

A Better Road to Recovery

Newborns are totally dependent on their parents. But, some are devastatingly dependent on opioids.

Tracking Real Jobs RI


We’ve been tracking the program since it launched. Now, we’re getting answers from those enrolled and the governor – to see if it’s working …

Celebrating 30 Years of Tony

Flashback to spring 1987. Reagan was president. Ed DiPrete, our governor. And, a young Tony Petrarca made his forecasting debut on WPRI 12.