Crafting a Championship Creation

One of the most iconic trophies in all of sports is made right here in Rhode Island. Now, only Eyewitness News takes you inside the factory …

Countdown to the Daytona 500

Everything you need to know about The Great American Race, which airs Sunday at 2 p.m. on FOX Providence.

Target 12: Where’s My Car?

After a dealership suddenly closes, Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell seeks answers for those left without their cash and without a car.

Sean Spicer: One-on-One

Eyewitness News anchor Patrick Little travels to Washington for an exclusive interview.

Photos: Eyewitness News in Washington, D.C.


Eyewitness News anchor Patrick Little was in our nation’s capital Tuesday to cover the sudden resignation of Trump’s national security advis…

Target 12: Cashing In on Sick Time

Target 12 Investigator Walt Buteau is revealing a controversial benefit and how much of it’s coming out of your wallet.

Special Report: Snow Plow Trackers

THURSDAY at 5 p.m.

Many states have them, so why not RI? Eyewitness News anchor Steve Nielsen learns how the technology works and whether we’ll see it here.

Target 12: Fox in Prison

Only Target 12 Investigator Tim White tracks down a former inmate who served time with Fox to find out what life’s like for the former House…

Special Report: The Signs of Change


Eyewitness News anchor Brian Yocono is digging deeper, getting answers on the driving force behind this new approach.

Special Report: Giving the Gift of Life


While the transplant waiting list has grown, the organ donor list has not. Now, we’re revealing the myths that could be holding back potenti…

Target 12: Hot Wheels

Target 12 Investigator Tim White reveals who’s most at risk of tire thefts and how you can protect your vehicle.

The Game’s on 12: Patriots vs. Texans

SATURDAY at 8:15 p.m.

Be sure to catch our pre- and post-game shows before and after the Patriots begin their Playoff Push against the Texans.

Special Report: Examining Enrollment


Eyewitness News anchor Kelly Sullivan finds out why fewer Rhode Islanders are attending URI and what it could mean for the state’s economy.