Tracking Real Jobs RI


We’ve been tracking the program since it launched. Now, we’re getting answers from those enrolled and the governor – to see if it’s working …

Celebrating 30 Years of Tony

Flashback to spring 1987. Reagan was president. Ed DiPrete, our governor. And, a young Tony Petrarca made his forecasting debut on WPRI 12.

Crafting a Championship Creation

One of the most iconic trophies in all of sports is made right here in Rhode Island. Now, only Eyewitness News takes you inside the factory …

Countdown to the Daytona 500

Everything you need to know about The Great American Race, which airs Sunday at 2 p.m. on FOX Providence.

Target 12: Where’s My Car?

After a dealership suddenly closes, Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell seeks answers for those left without their cash and without a car.

Sean Spicer: One-on-One

Eyewitness News anchor Patrick Little travels to Washington for an exclusive interview.

Photos: Eyewitness News in Washington, D.C.


Eyewitness News anchor Patrick Little was in our nation’s capital Tuesday to cover the sudden resignation of Trump’s national security advis…

Target 12: Cashing In on Sick Time

Target 12 Investigator Walt Buteau is revealing a controversial benefit and how much of it’s coming out of your wallet.

Special Report: Snow Plow Trackers

THURSDAY at 5 p.m.

Many states have them, so why not RI? Eyewitness News anchor Steve Nielsen learns how the technology works and whether we’ll see it here.

Target 12: Fox in Prison

Only Target 12 Investigator Tim White tracks down a former inmate who served time with Fox to find out what life’s like for the former House…

Special Report: The Signs of Change


Eyewitness News anchor Brian Yocono is digging deeper, getting answers on the driving force behind this new approach.

Special Report: Giving the Gift of Life


While the transplant waiting list has grown, the organ donor list has not. Now, we’re revealing the myths that could be holding back potenti…