greek calamari finished

In the Kitchen: Greek Calamari

Executive Chef, Geoff Travers of PJ’s PUB/ Dale Stoutenburgh of Sea Fresh, shows us how to make their Greek Calamari.

calamari finished

In the Kitchen: Thai Peanut Calamari

Go Providence has brought us Chef Joseph Zacovic from Hillside Bistro, La Collina & Tiki Bar to show us how to make Thai Peanut Calamari.


In the Kitchen: Shrimp Po’ Boy

Chef Ashley Faulkner from Bucktown, a new spot on Federal Hill, is in the Rhode Show Kitchen making Shrimp Po’ Boy! Ingredients: 24 large sh…

Summer snacks ingredients

In the Kitchen: Summer Snacks

Tracy Martin Turgeon from The Children’s Workshop showed us how to make Mac & Cheese Muffins and S’mores.