Spring cleaning workout

Spring is right around the corner and many will be opening up their windows to begin cleaning their homes.

Treatment for vascular diseases

To find out more, we checked with a team of vascular specialists at the Center for Vascular Diseases at Prima CARE’s Vein Center in Fall Riv…

Campaign helps those hit by disaster

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Author of: The Best of Everything After 50, shares some timely information about the needs and the impact of so m…

Advances in cancer treatment

Treatments for cancer have come a long way over the years as several crucial advances within the field have been made.

Benefits of teaching your children yoga

Tracy Martin-Turgeon of The Children’s Workshop discusses how for just minutes and little or no money you and your child can become healthie…

Cancer Care

Introducing the Cancer Care Channel

21st Century Oncology of Rhode Island is excited to share their knowledge and expertise on the topic of cancer care. Their segments will cov…

Yoga at your desk

Courtney Danelle, yoga instructor and editor at ‘Hey Rhody,’ demonstrates a few stretches that can be done at the workplace.

Going red for heart health

HPRI COO Shantha Diaz and Susan Sarro, of the American Heart Association – Southern NE discuss how we can support heart health this month.

Stay healthy and motivated with YMCA

Roughly 80% of Americans struggle to be physically active and 50% of adults quit after just 6 months. YMCA of Greater Providence can help!

Strengthen for shoveling

Kerry Taylor from 212 Health and Performance demonstrates exercises that will strengthen the muscles group needed to make your shoveling eas…