The Buzz: ‘Pokemon Go’

We’re talking about the latest app that’s on young people’s smartphones right now: “Pokemon Go”.

cyber monday tips

Cyber Monday deals and tips

Joining us via satellite to tell us how to get the best holiday gift deals on this Cyber Monday was the founder of, Linds…

neit oct 28

School encourages degree in technology

Ron Como, Department Chair of Heating at the New England Tech, discusses the benefits of a degree in refrigeration, air conditioning and hea…

tech in the home

Tech out your home

Technology is everywhere and is taking over our homes.

new gadgets

New gadgets for 2015

Will Gilbert loves finding and playing around with the latest and greatest tech gadgets!

smart home

Turn your home into a smart home

Lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch joined The Rhode Show Friday to share some helpful tips on how you can turn your home into a smart home.

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