Beating the winter blues

Winter weather got you down? It could be more than cabin fever. Learn about seasonal affective disorder and how it’s treated.


Interactive: Sledding Safety

Before hitting the hill, make your outing safe and enjoyable with these important reminders.


Is the ice safe?

Before you head out on that lake or pond for ice skating or fishing – make sure it’s safe.

winter weather travel snow covered roads

Tips for driving in snow or ice

AAA New England has some tips that help drivers trudge through conditions whenever winter weather hits the area.

Serve Rhode Island is looking for volunteers to help shovel out elderly residents. (WPRI 12)

Tips for safe snow shoveling

Here are eight safety tips the Snow & Ice Management Association has for staying safe while shoveling.

Generic iPhones

Protect your cell phone from the cold

As temperatures dip into the sub-freezing region, Southern New Englanders will start to consider how to protect themselves, their homes, and their pets from the cold.

winter weather travel snow covered roads

AAA offers advice for cold weather

The coldest temperatures of the season are expected over the next several days, and with it comes the hope that your vehicle will start when you turn the key on these frigid mornings.

snow blower in action

Safety tips for extreme cold

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island’s Emergency Management Agency has outlined important steps to take when the temperatures become dangerous.

Before an Extreme Cold More »

Dangerous conditions from winter weather on Route 6 in Providence, R.I.

Young drivers face pitfalls in snow, slippery weather

The most experienced driver can have difficulty on roads slippery from snow, salt treatment or even just heavy rain. It can be especially harrowing for young drivers, who are still getting their sea legs behind the wheel.


Winter Emergency Supply Kit

Rhode Island’s Emergency Management Agency has several ways you can keep your family safe, including creating a Winter Emergency Supply Kit.

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